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This is my first site ever and I think it is pretty cool! Please bear with me this site is consantly under construction! It has a summary~links~a survey~pics and more~

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Emm Alexander.

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Titanic is the absolute BEST movie in the entire world!!!!!!!!

Here is a summary: The movie starts. A scientist, Brock Lovett,(Bill Paxton) is searching around around TITANIC for "La Coure De La Mer", A priceless necklace. When Lovett's team of scientists is down there they find a safe. After they brought it to the surface the find drawings inside the safe. The TV news interviews Brock and he shows them a drawing of a young woman. In her home an old woman is watching the news, she sees the drawing and phones Brock. She tells him that the woman in the picture is her. She comes on the ship Keldesh where brock is and the woman, Rose Calvert(Gloria Stuart)begins to tell her story. It is April 1912. Rose DeWitt Bukater(Kate Winslet),Cal Hockley,(Billy Zane)and Rose's mother (Francis Fisher)are boarding the biggest luxury liner in the world. The TITANIC. Rose is saying she feels trapped and that everything is always the same. Meanwhile in a pub across the street a heated poker game where Lars and Sven bet Jack(Leonardo DiCaprio)and Fabrizio (Danny Nucci)their steerage tickets on TITANIC. Jack wins so Fabrizio and him are goin' to America! When they get on Jack sees Rose and instantly falls in love...... Guess ya gotta see the movie!

Passengers have boarded this page times!

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